Advantages of economics tuition!

Advantages of economics tuition!

The idea of economics is usually quite fuzzy to student’s first entering junior college as the subject is not only foreign but requires a mode of analysis that is not immediately intuitive. To make matters worse, school notes are generally very lengthy, and students often fear that they have to remember large chunks of information to truly score in the exam. Hence, many students end up losing interest in the subject, or worse, memorize information without truly understanding them.

Advantages of economics tuition

Lengthy school notes

As mentioned, this is due to numerous additions by school teachers who may not be incentivized to conduct a major revamp of the school notes. Therefore, in our economics tuition, we provide specialized materials which seek to distill the key economic ideas and frameworks in bite-sized, exam-ready paragraphs so students have a structure to build on when crafting their economic analysis.

 Too many diagrams

Students who are usually fearful of the subject do so because they do not grasp the meaning of the diagrams. In fact, each diagram in economics seeks to show the specific effects of an event. Therefore in our economics tuition lessons, we emphasized on well-annotated diagrams, as well as the more important diagrams in the A-level economics examination as it is impossible to do a diagrammatic analysis of all the economics points made in the case study or the essay due to the examination time constraint.

The framework of analysis

 Many students fear writing economics essays because they lack a certain structure or clarity of thought. In other words, their writing is likely to become inconsistent and may vary dramatically. This could result in great loss of marks because the essay will lack focus and clarity. In our economics tuition discussions, we break down the question types and show students suggested answer frameworks. That way, it helps build a structure in the answering, and hence imbibes confidence in the student’s ability to write in a concise, yet rigorous way.

Time management

Unfortunately, this is no longer true, as A-level economics questions are devised in a way that will allow examiners to sense if the student is replicating a well-rehearsed answer, which will result in a great loss of marks. During our economics tuition sessions, we show students how to study model essays and apply the knowledge in their own terms using different question contexts in past year A-level examination questions. That way, their answers will show the originality of thought, and their interest and understanding of the subject show through in their writing.

 In closing, probably the most satisfying factor being an economics tutor in teaching economics students during our economics tuition interactions, is that they have learnt it not only as a subject for the A-levels, but also being able to see that economics is part of everyday life, and next time they buy a house or a car, economics is useful in ascertaining the timing as well as the impact of government policies. To read more about economics tuition in Singapore click here.